Raoul’s Rescue Mission: Narrator & Orchestra

Follow little mouse Raoul on his adventure in which he’s trying to save his baby sister from one of the most dangerous cats of the neighborhood.

“Raoul’s Rescue mission” is a work for narrator and orchestra, based on the children’s book with the same title. The speaker in the recording is Richard Schletty who did a wonderful job! For more information about Richard, visit his webpage at www.schlettysound.com

The score, parts and text book are available as download here:
“Raoul’s Rescue mission” for narrator and orchestra

“Raoul’s Rescue Mission”, excerpt.
An excerpt of the musical story for narrator and orchestra featuring narrator Daniel Garrett, performed by the Octava Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Trevor Lutzenhiser.


Have a listen to “Raoul’s Rescue mission for Narrator and Orchestra” recording, narrated by Richard Schletty.

Below is the song “The World Is a Scary Place” which is part of  “Raoul’s Rescue Mission” (the song is included in the above demo recording at 22:28, after the clarinet solo). Performed by Tara Martinez.

Raoul’s Rescue Mission; a story for Narrator and Orchestra (English and Dutch). It includes the song “The World Is a Scary Place.”

About this work

Raoul’s Rescue mission” is 35 minutes during children’s story for narrator and orchestra, including the song for voice and orchestra “The World Is a scary Place”. The narration text in the score is in English and Dutch.

Storyline: Follow little mouse Raoul in this dangerous and exciting adventure in which he’s trying to save his baby sister from one of the most dangerous cats of the neighborhood.

The storyteller and singer of the song in the recording is Richard Schletty.
The singer of the song “The World Is a scary Place” is Tara Martinez.

For more information about Richard Schletty, please visit:
Indwellings website (Schletty’s poetry) – http://www.indwellings.com/
Schletty Sound website (voice talent) – http://www.schlettysound.com/

For more information about Tara Martinez, please visit:


Singer (Soprano)

1 Flute (Fl.)
1 Oboe (Ob.)
1 Clarinet in Bb (Cl.)
1 Bassoon (Bsn.)

2 Horns in F (Hns.)
1 Trumpet in Bb (Tpt.)
1 Trombone (Tbn.)
1 Tuba (Tba.)

4 Timpani: G – D – Bb – A (Only used in the song “The World Is a Scary Place”)


Player 1:
Bass Drum (B.D.), Suspended Cymbal (Susp.Cymb.), 
Wood Block (W.B.), Snare Drum (Sn. Dr.), Wind Chimes, Triangle (Tri.)

Player 2:
Xylophone (Xyl.), Shaker (Shak.)

1 Harp (Hp.)

1st, 2nd Violins (Vln.) Violas (Vla.) Cellos (Vc.) Basses (Cb.)